Elbow Injury Treatment

Here's How to Heal:

BFST Improves Blood Flow

In order to get your injured elbow fully healed as fast and effectively as possible, you need to treat the injury. Painkillers and anti-inflammatories DO NOT help you heal and can even make the healing process longer, and having surgery will mean long-term consequences and prevent full recovery. Instead, you need to alleviate the swelling and discomfort, then promote bloodflow to the area to heal the injury.

It's recommended you use ColdCure® and BFST® (Blood Flow Stimulation Therapy™) wraps. Both are high quality medical devices that set the industry standard for injury treatment.

Here's what you need to do:

BFST® Repairs the Tissue

Using advanced technology, Blood Flow Stimulation Therapy™ (BFST®) medical devices promote increased circulation, accelerating the healing process to the next level. Blood flow is crucial to fast tissue repair! Use BFST® to heal the tissue after your swelling.

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ColdCure® Treats the Pain

ColdCure® cold packs relieve pain and reduce inflammation after your injury. These wraps can hold the cold longer than other cold wraps using RigiGel® technology which also distributes cold evenly over the injured area. Cold is much safer than ice, which is too cold and can burn skin.

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Certified Medical Devices

ColdCure® and BFST® Elbow Wraps are FDA registered, and are certified safe medical treatments for elbow injuries. You can rest easy knowing you are using only professional treatment to heal your injury.


The Ultimate Solution

Recovery can be easy if you use the right treatment. Simply follow these steps to get you and your injury on the road to fast recovery.

ColdCure Elbow Wrap

Step One: Reduce the Swelling

To reduce the inflammation or pain following an elbow injury, use a ColdCure® Elbow Wrap for the best post-injury treatment. Before you can start healing, you need to make sure the swelling is gone. ColdCure® wraps, unlike other gels, hold their shape and spread the cold out evenly over the damaged elbow. Cold is better than using ice, which burns the skin and is uncomfortable to wear. ColdCure® wraps are stored in the fridge and keep that cold in longer than other wraps, so you can wear it without switching out gels as often.

BFST Elbow Wrap

Step Two: Heal the Tissue

In order to heal quickly, you need to take action to accelerate the healing process. One of the best ways to do this is to improve your circulation. Better blood flow means that your body can deliver oxygen- and nutrient-rich blood to the injured elbow, for the fastest treatment. A Blood Flow Stimulation Therapy™ (BFST®) Elbow Wrap offers the best solution, as it penetrates deep under the skin to the damaged tissue.

REMEMBER: If you are still experiencing swelling, you need to reduce the inflammation before using BFST® to heal the tissue. Using heat or BFST® before the swelling in your elbow has gone down will only make your injury worse. Do not combine cold and hot treatments at the same time.


Comfortable High Quality Wraps

Both wraps uphold a high standard of comfort. Each is made of soft, high quality Neoprene and crafted specifically for elbow injuries. These devices are shaped with your injury in mind. The ColdCure® gel itself is no ordinary design. It is made to surround the entire injured area, enveloping it with the pain relieving power of RigiGel®. The BFST's® patented Energy Web® is also designed to provide coverage across the whole injury, and improves circulation throughout the area.

RigiGel is flexible when frozen

These wraps work great for:

For more a more in-depth explanation of the functions of these wraps, we recommend browsing the ColdCure® and BFST® website.

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Just had surgery for a torn meniscus, what are my options?

  I just had surgery last week for a torn meniscus, and stitches taken out today. The orthopedic trimmed 20% and said it was a large tear. I did this running, and was supposed to do the NYC marathon. :'(

He said I can do some walking, light biking and swimming. Looking at the bfst wrap, and wondering when is best to get it and start using. Also wondering if anyone takes any supplements, and if they're worth taking. My knee has been fine since surgery, no real pain nor swelling.


Re: Just had surgery for a torn meniscus, what are my options?

Hi Jim,

Glad to hear that you are well on your way to healing!

Our products can help with your recovery.  As long as there is no swelling or inflammation you can start using the Knee BFST Wrap right away. 

You can heal much more quickly with the right treatment at home.  King Brand Healthcare Products are the innovators of Blood Flow Stimulation Therapy (BFST).  Blood flow brings oxygen and nutrient-rich blood to the injured area - a requirement for the body to heal itself.  Unfortunately blood flow is restricted while an injured meniscus is at rest, which in turn limits the body's ability to heal.  Physical activity will promote blood flow but all too often it also results in minor but frequent re-injury, which extends your healing time and greatly increases the amount of scar tissue that develops.  With a King Brand Knee BFST therapy device, blood flow can be stimulated in the injured meniscus area while you're at rest.  With improved blood flow, and without physical activity and the risk of re-injury, you can recover from your meniscus injury at a rapid rate.


Re: Just had surgery for a torn meniscus, what are my options?


as far as supplements go--I do not have the same exact injury but I do have a torn TFCC (meniscus of the wrist)

the supplements that I'm on that help are

3 in 1 pill glucosimine, chondroitin, MSM--2 a day (i use the doctor's best brand on amazon)
Cissus RX---2 a day
Vitamin C--1-2 a day 500 mg
Fish oil--1 a day
Garlic--1 a day 1000mg

so far whats helped me the most is the BFST wrist wrap--but these supplements give your body the proper building blocks to help your body heal a ligament

good luck to you my friend--hopefully we're all pain free very soon!

stay postive!
hug your family!


Re: Just had surgery for a torn meniscus, what are my options?

Hey i never knew there was a meniscus in a wrist..  ::)

Re: Just had surgery for a torn meniscus, what are my options?

yeah.. neither did I.... and wish I never knew--but now I understand the pinky side of the wrist is no joke--the ligaments tendons (namely the TFCC) there don't heal well--but the BFST has brought me very good results so far--hopefully it just keeps getting better!

Re: Just had surgery for a torn meniscus, what are my options?

I must have that too because my fingers and thumbs hurt, elbows, shoulders..  etc.. i had a major injury at the gym.. last Febuary..  damn ..  I never felt good ever since. :(

Re: Just had surgery for a torn meniscus, what are my options?


get that BFST wrist wrap--it's that new hotness! I'm tellin' you it works--if you have a tfcc tear--you would feel pain on pinky side of wrist on or around ulna styloid when turning a doorknob (this was particularly painful right after the injury), gripping, weight bearing like push ups are a no no right now for me--it sucks!!! the pain at times radiates to my forearm--but thanks to the wrap--its a lot better--hopefully I can get back to working out again by the new year-not gonna rush it though.

Hopefully you don't a TFCC tear in addition to the knee meniscus--but get that wrap if it still hurts (just for reference, my thumb and fingers do not hurt at all--just in and around the ulna styoid is where the pain lies for me)

be safe

Re: Just had surgery for a torn meniscus, what are my options?

Hi i can feel the unla nerve at the elbow shifting over the bone..  and it numbs my pinky sometimes ..  damn.. and it gets stiff too..  If only i could go back into time, i swear i would not lift the weights that i did.  :-[

Re: Just had surgery for a torn meniscus, what are my options?


Ulnar nerve entrapment? maybe

check out these ulnar nerve flossing vids

You'll be fine bro!

Hopefully this info helps you

be safe

(PS I also wish I did not do what I did to get the TFCC tear--- arm wrestling--how stupid--I'm not 20 anymore!)

don't beat yourself up--OVERCOME!!!

Re: Just had surgery for a torn meniscus, what are my options?

Hi tlinares..  i sure hope so.. im doing the BFST now back to back..  before bed time. It feels like i got crushed. I dont know how to explain it. Thats the closest i can get to explaining the way that i feel. They did find some OA in my spine but they said mild.. and knee cap maltracking.. which does not help with the meniscus. Sad indeed..  Ill do those exercises to flush the unla nerve. Thanks  8)

Re: Just had surgery for a torn meniscus, what are my options?

Thanks, Desiree and Tony.

Looks like my thread got hijacked.  :-\

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